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Samples of Certificate of Analysis (CoA)

On this page, we share some CoA samples to give you an idea. In the section you want to learn from the sections below, you can browse the CoA by selecting the appropriate product. This section does not provide a list of CoA for all products, only sample CoA for products in similar groups with the same CoA content. You can review the information in the sample CoA for compliance with your analysis method, purchasing criteria and/or ISO 17034 requirements.

Certificates of analysis other than the samples presented here or the current analysis certificates of your product will be sent to you with your products. Current analysis certificates will also be uploaded to the web system within the same month, and you can access them from the CoA and SDS search page on our website.

How To Search Sample CoA ?

Go to the area for the product group you want to review a sample CoA for. Select the product you are interested in from the drop-down list by clicking the list button. If the exact product you are looking for is not listed, choose the product that is most similar to the one you are looking for. For example, if you are looking for the Holmium reference standard from the ICP group and it is not listed, you can review another ICP rare earth reference standard product.
ICP Single Sample CoA List
ICP Mixture Sample CoA List
AAS Single Sample CoA List
Wet Chemistry Sample CoA List
Pesticide Single Sample CoA List
Organic Neat Sample CoA List
Organic Mixture Sample CoA List
Organic Custom-Made Sample CoA List
Various Custom-Made Sample CoA List
IC Single Sample CoA List
IC Mixture Sample CoA List
UV / UV-Vis Sample CoA List
Reference Materials Sample CoA List
Soil Group Sample CoA List